Financing with Pillar Premium Finance

Established in 1982, Pillar sets the standard for online premium financing with a unique and powerful point-of-sale system. By financing your customers with Pillar, you are open for business 24 hours a day with customers making payments, reprinting documents or finding answers anytime. Our system is complete, with all account management facilitated via the web and with no faxing or calling required for any account process.

With the power of the internet, all things are possible and consumers today know it. Expectations have been raised, and you need business partners capable of increasing the web appeal of your agency. Through Pillar, you’ll offer powerful consumer benefits such as:

  • Online payments 24/7
  • Recurring payments
  • Phone payments
  • Payments by mail
  • Electronic or mailed payment reminders
  • 24 hour account access

In addition to exciting new web services for your customers, a partnership with Pillar also means new efficiencies for your agency. Much of the time and expense involved with the management of this business can now be eliminated. Benefits to your agency include:

  • Online quoting with uploading, ensuring seamless and reliable submissions
  • Point-of-sale document printing (with contract numbers)
  • Online payments (cash, check or charge) accepted 24/7
  • No merchant fees to the agency when posting electronic cash, check or charge payments
  • Reinstatement requests sent to your carriers on an hourly basis (24 hours a day)
  • Online endorsement (positive & negative), cancellation and void processing
  • No calling or faxing whatsoever
  • Very competitive agency profit sharing where allowed by statute
  • Real time reporting including disbursement, past due accounts, production and renewals
  • Account alerts and notices sent to you daily via email, Pillar message board, and fax

Our guiding philosophy is simple and provides the foundation of our success. We continually develop our software to feel and perform like your software. We accomplish this by listening very closely to our producers, keeping the process simple and continually adding new content. The result is a premium finance system that continues to separate agency finance business from our competition. Give Pillar a try. We guarantee that you too will find Pillar to be a part of your solution as you improve and grow your agency.

Although Pillar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Founders Insurance Company, we finance policies for most carriers writing business in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Minnesota. We offer online demos everyday and would be glad to speak with you to answer any questions you may have about Pillar or premium financing in general. For more information on Pillar, please visit us on the web at or contact us via our phone or email information listed below.

Thank you for your interest in Pillar Premium Finance. We look forward to hearing from you.

Pillar Premium Finance Company
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