Automobile Point-of-Sale

Policy turnaround time - how long is too long? At Founders we utilize point-of-sale technology to deliver your customer’s policy when you and your customer are face-to-face. Our producers have the ability to upload an application to Founders and receive a downloaded policy and identification card within seconds.

Our point-of-sale program is supported by our stand-alone proprietary rating software and by the larger comparative rating companies.


With our direct bill program, we offer a number of competitive payment plans with a downpayment as low as 8.33% for an annual policy. We also offer many ways for our insured to pay—by mail, e-check, credit or debit card, check by phone, online payment and recurring monthly payments from checking, savings or credit card.

The lowest down payment plans of our direct bill program, (12-pay plans for annual policies and 6-pay plans for semi-annual) utilize "paid through" or "equity date" canceling. These billing options utilize a combination invoice/cancel notice to advise the customer when their policy payment is due and when the policy will cancel. Other pay plans utilize a fixed schedule of due dates allowing you to select the best option to fit the needs of your customer.

Under our agency-bill program, applications are submitted without payment. Producers then receive a statement, on the first of each month, of premiums due for that prior month's transactions.